About Us

Who are we? We're Coaches!

The GCC is a by-coaches-for-coaches organization. Our focus is the well-being and development of our peers within the worldwide coaching community. We do not care if you are brand new to the profession, if you’ve been coaching for a few years, or if you’ve coached for 20+ years and are now in retirement – you are welcome here! YOU MATTER HERE, regardless of whether your goal is to make a little extra money each month, volunteer and give your coaching to charities and communities you support, or intend to have a robust and highly profitable full-time coaching business.

The Global Coaches Coalition's Top Guiding Values


Our Mission


The GCC exists to promote quality and ethical coaching practices, build meaningful connections with peers, and provide inclusive support for coaches across the world. We engage with GCC members through earned trust, inclusion, and a strong dynamic community. We put the well-being, growth, and support of coaches front and center in all we do. We offer resources, activities, conversations, and collaboration needed for coaches to thrive.

Our Vision

•  LEGACY  •

A leading global association where coaches feel empowered, supported, and able to create a positive impact through the connection and collaboration they receive from the association. A thriving global community of thousands of coaches, transforming lives through the power of coaching. The unquestioned leader in supporting coaches’ personal well-being and connection to their peers.

Our Philosophy


Coaching is a client-centric profession, but quality coaching does not occur without a thriving and well-supported coach. Coaches need a safe and nurturing community of peers who are open to all types and kinds of coaching, and coaches. Coaches, like all people, want to be treated with respect and welcomed with open arms. Coaches deserve to be embraced regardless of the schools they’ve chosen, their time in practice, their certification status, the money they make, the clients they serve, or where they live. Take care of the coach and the coaching gets even better!